Albert Speer (1905-1981)

艾伯特·斯佩尔(Albert Speer)被称为“魔鬼的建筑师”,是希特勒(Hitler)的建筑右手。他们共同投影了新柏林,这是第三帝国的宏伟资本。

About his life

Albert Speer was a German politician, architect (1933-1945) and Minister for Armaments and war production(1942-1945).
He was born in Mannheim in 1905 and died in 1981 in London.
At Nurnberg Trials in 1945-1946 Speer was condemned for 20 years but he revealed that he didn’t know about the plan to exterminate Jews.

Albert Speer at the Nuremberg trial
Albert Speer at the Nuremberg trial.
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The entry in Nazi Party

Speer studied architecture in Munich and graduated at Berlin University in 1927, at the age of 20.
After hearing Hitler’s speeches in 1930, he joined theNazi Partywith enthusiasm and consciousness in 1931. In 1933, when Hitler became chancellor of Germany, Speer became his personal architect, winning his trust and friendship thanks to his talent and efficiency.
In 1942 Albert Speer became Minister of Armament and Munitions and then Minister of War Production.

peer shows Hitler a project atObersalzberg.
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His major works

Speer became the chief architect of the Third Reich; he was ordered to project theNuremberg Stadium, a building for 40.000 people.

German Olympic Team Marching in the Olympic Stadium in Berlin,1936
German Olympic Team Marching in the Olympic Stadium in Berlin,1936

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Author:乔·霍普(Joe Haupt)

Berlin, Olympiade, Siegerehrung Fünfkampf,1936
Berlin, Olympiade, Siegerehrung Fünfkampf,1936
Image source:,_Berlin,_Olympiade,_Siegerehrung_F%C3%BCnfkampf.jpg

From 1936 he was the author of many projects in Berlin, to make the city become the actual capital of the raising Reich. There were built wide areas with wide andclassicstreets and buildings, because of the Speer’s Hellenistic ideals of magnitude and greatness, adapted to the spirit of the Reich.
The most famous opera was the new校长completed in 1939. Later, it was destroyed under the Allies’ bombings.

校长of the Reich in Berlin
校长of the Reich in Berlin (1938-1939).
Image source:,_Berlin,_Neue_Reichskanzlei,_Mittelbau.jpg

War production

In 1941 Speer’s architectural work stopped because of the War, but he became a Minister of Armament. He was very appreciated for his competence to manage the production but also famous for his position about manpower.
He exploited the prisoners of the concentration camps because he considered men like tools, useful only to develop line production; his priorities were factories and machineries.

V2 suziria built during the War in Germany.
V2 suziria built during the War in Germany.
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a V-1 on display on the Groenplaats, Antwerp
a V-1 on display on the Groenplaats, Antwerp (in the backgound Antwerp Cathedral).
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