Hartmut Esslinger, Frog Design (1969)

Hartmut Esslinger is a German-American industrial designer and inventor. He is best known for founding the design consultancy Frog Design Inc. (stylized asfrog).

Hartmut Esslinger
Hartmut Esslinger

Image source:https://blog.ramazani.de/2008/hartmut-essinger-frog-design/

Life and Career

Hartmut Esslinger was born on 5 June 1944, inBeuren (Simmersfeld), in Germany’s Black Forest. At age 25, Esslinger finished his studies at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Schwäbisch Gmünd. After facing vicious criticism of aradio clockhe designed while in school and thedisapproval of his mother(who burned his sketchbooks), he started his own design agency in 1969, later renamedFrog design.

Hartmut Esslinger
Hartmut Esslinger

Image source:https://blog.ramazani.de/2008/hartmut-essinger-frog-design/

For his first client, German avant-garde electronics companyWega, he createdthe first “full plastics” color TV and HiFi series“Wega system 3000”. His work for Wega won him instant international fame and in 1974, Esslinger was hired bySony, that also acquired Wega shortly after. The German designer was instrumental in creating a global design image for Sony, especially with the Sony Trinitron and personal music products which were chosen to be exhibited at theMuseum of Modern Art in New York. As of 1976, Esslinger also worked for Louis Vuitton.

Wega color tv by Hartmut Esslinger
Wega color tv by Hartmut Esslinger/frogdesign, 1969

Image source:http://designclassicsonly.blogspot.com/2009/01/wega-color-tv-by-hartmut.html

The Apple Era

In 1982, upon moving to California, Esslinger signedan exclusive $2,000,000 per year contractto work for Steve Jobs and Apple Computer as thelead designer for Apple’s “Snow White” design language, launched with great fanfare and commercial success. Over a career spanning more than forty years, Esslinger worked with firms in diverse fields of industry and technology. Hisinnovative approach to designrefinedLouis Sullivan’s classic motto of “form follows function” into frog’s slogan of “form follows emotion”, pioneering a global design philosophy, especially to electronics, that sought a comprehensive approach to both the aesthetics and functionality of the industrial design.

Apple IIc with monitor
Apple IIc with monitor

Image source:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snow_White_design_language#/media/File:Apple_IIc_with_monitor.jpg

Going Digital

During the 1980s and early 90s, frog moved to support the technological and cultural disruptions that clients were facing.Engineering, branding, and packaging became part of frog’s core offering, working for clients such asSun Microsystems,Packard Bell,Lufthansa, andOlympus. In the mid-1990s, frog led another dramatic shift in the design industry by incorporating software design for web and mobile.

Apple IIc+
Apple IIc+ (ca. 1988)

Images source:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frog_Design_Inc。

Esslinger’s Awards and the Contribution to an Enduring Global Economy

Esslinger is afounding Professorof the Hochschule fur Gestaltung in Karlsruhe, Germany and since 2006 he is a Professor for convergent industrial design at theUniversity of Applied Artsin Vienna, Austria. In 1996,Esslinger was awarded an honorary doctorate of Fine Arts by the Parsons School of Design, New York City. Since 2012 Esslinger has served as aDeTao Master of Industrial Designwith The Beijing DeTao Masters Academy (DTMA) in Shanghai, China.

In 2009 Esslinger publishedA Fine Linein which he exploresbusiness solutions that are environmentally sustainableand contribute to an enduring global economy.

Desktop module version of EOS YS200
Desktop module version of EOS YS200

Image source:https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Yamaha_TQ5_(EOS).jpg

Chronological List of Esslinger’s Honors

  • 1969Bundespreis Gute Form(Federal Design Award) – German Design Council;
  • 1991Lucky Strike Design Award– Raymond Loewy Foundation;
  • 1993Design Team of the Year– Red Dot Design Awards;
  • 1996Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts– Parsons School of Design;
  • 2013Honorary Royal Designer for Industry– Royal Society of Arts;
  • 2017Lifetime Achievement Award– Cooper Hewitt National Design Awards;
  • 2017World Design Medal– World Design Organization.

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