Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid is an Egyptian-born and Canadian-raised industrial designer. One of the most prolific designers of his generation, he is most known for devising luxury goods, furniture, lighting, surface design, brand identity and packaging.

Karim Rashid
Karim Rashid

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Over 3000 designs in production, over 300 awards and working in over 40 countries attest toKarim’s legendary career. Karim’s diversity affords him the ability tocross-pollinate ideas,materials,behaviors,aestheticsfrom one typology to the next,crossing boundariesand broadening consumers’ horizons.

The Seven Continents
The Seven Continents . By Karim Rashid, in front of the Vdara hotel in Las Vegas

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About His Life

Rashid was born in 1960 inCairo, Egyptto an Egyptian father and English mother. The family emigrated to Canada where Rashid was raised and attended high school in Mimico, Toronto, Ontario. Rashid is the brother of famed architect,Hani Rashid, of Asymptote. His sister is a painter and musician,Soraya Rashid.

Rashid’s first marriage in 1995 was to digital painterMegan Lang, an undergraduate student he met in 1991, when Rashid was briefly teaching as an assistant professor at Rhode Island School of Design. The couple divorced in 2005.

In 2008, Rashid marriedIvana Purić, a Serbian chemical engineer. He met her at a party in Belgrade in 2006, while working as an ambassador for the second installment of Belgrade Design Week. Together they have one child, Kiva Rashid born in 2013.
He is based in New York City, as well as Belgrade, Miami, and Mexico.

Karim Rashid's designing book
Karim Rashid’s designing book

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Rashid’s Studies, Achievements and Teaching Career

After graduating in Carleton in 1982 as an Industrial Designer, Rashid pursued graduate design studies in Naples, Italy, withEttore Sottsassand then moved to Milan for one year and worked at theRodolfo Bonetto Studio.

Rashid went on to work withKAN Industrial Designersin Canada for 7 years, where he created x-ray equipment, before co-founding and designing theBabel Fashion Collection and Northfrom 1985 until 1991.
Two years later,in 1993, Rashid opened his own private design studio in New York City.

The Prizeotel Hamburg-City Hotel
The Prizeotel Hamburg-City Hotel, Hamburg. Designed by the famous Karim Rashid

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Karim is a frequent guest lecturer at universities and conferences globally disseminating the importance of design in everyday life. He holdsHonorary Doctorates from the OCAD, Toronto and Corcoran College of Art & Design, Washington. Karim has been featured in magazines and books including Time, Vogue, Esquire, GQ, Wallpaper, and countless more.

Koncord by Karim Rashid
Koncord by Karim Rashid

Image source:https://search.creativecommons.org/photos/1a9b7927-950a-4b8e-ba30-878440d242a2bysmowblog

Veuve Cliquot chair
Veuve Cliquot chair (Loveseat) by Karim Rashid

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Working for Luxury Companies

Karim’s work is featured in 20 permanent collections. His pieces are exhibited in museums worldwide, including the MoMA, Centre Pompidou, and SFMOMA.

Karim Rashid’s Tv-tub

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Rashid’s designs include the Umbra Garbo waste can, the b, a concept store forGiorgio Armani, manhole covers for the sewers of New York, perfume bottles forKenzo, bobble water bottle, watches and tableware forAlessi, lighting forArtemideand products for b. He has also worked withAudi, Samsung,andSwarovski.In addition, Rashid has designed for Method, Bombay Saffire, Finé Water Japan, Sexy Beast USA, Davidoff, Issey Miyake and Estee Lauder.

Silk Road Restaurant
Silk Road Restaurant, Vdara, Designed by Karim Rashid

Image source:https://search.creativecommons.org/photos/161e37fd-0f15-4e91-af22-e06774c98d11bySarah&Boston

Silk Road Restaurant
Silk Road Restaurant, Vdara, Designed by Karim Rashid

Image source:https://search.creativecommons.org/photos/59a2702c-d76b-43ac-b979-786a4a492065bySarah&Boston

Karim Rashid’s Manifesto

拉希德的信仰有关设计的方向are clearly stated in many of his books, like “Design Your Self”, Harper Collins (2006); “Evolution”, Rizzoli (2004) and “I Want to Change the World”, Universe (2001).

The Egyptian-Canadian designerpromotes a world-scale change, starting from the revolution of human nature. That is made necessary by thetendency of human nature to live in the past, while the propeller of contemporary design is to thrust and move forward to the future. About this topic, Karim said “I believe that we could be living in an entirely different world […] full of real contemporary inspiring objects, spaces, places, worlds, spirits, and experiences”. ThereforeDesign is no more about “solving problems, but about a rigorous beautification of our built environments.Design is about the betterment of our lives poetically, aesthetically, experientially, sensorially, and emotionally”.

Rashid’s desire is, therefore,to live in the modus of our time, release humankind from nostalgia, antiquated traditions, and old kitsch rituals and, freed from the past, finally fully participate in the contemporary world.

“For the longest time design only existed for the elite and for a small insular culture. I have worked hard for the last 20 years trying to make design a public subject.”

Karim Rashid
Karim Rashid 2016

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