Richard Rogers

“My passion and great enjoyment for architecture, and the reason the older I get the more I enjoy it, is because I believe we – architects – can affect the quality of life of the people.” Richard Rogers.

Richard Rogers
Richard Rogers

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About his life

Richard Rogerswas born asRichard George Rogerson July 23, 1933, in Florence, Italy. In 1954, he enrolled at theArchitectural Associationin London, graduating in 1959. And later, in 1961, he joined theYale University, finishing post-graduate studies in 1962. He then returned to London, collaborated with his wife,苏家族well, and another couple,Wendy CheesmanandNorman Foster, and established a firm in 1963, named theTeam 4.

Arenes de Barcelona, Barcelona
Arenes de Barcelona, Barcelona – by Richard Rogers

image source: Art & Architecture Gallery (Josep Bracons)byCatalan Art & Architecture Gallery (Josep Bracons)

What were his major works?

Rogers is perhaps best known for his work on thePompidou Centrein Paris, theLloyd’s buildingandMillennium Dome bothin London, theSeneddin Cardiff, and theEuropean Court of Human Rightsbuildingin Strasbourg. He is a winner of theRIBA Gold Medal,Thomas Jefferson Medal,RIBA Stirling Prize,Minerva Medaland Pritzker Prize. He is a Senior Partner atRogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, previously known as the Richard Rogers Partnership.

Terminal 4, Barajas Airport, Madrid. Coloured structural ‘trees’ in the airport terminal.
Richard Rogers Partnership, Terminal 4, Barajas Airport, Madrid, 1997-2005. Coloured structural ‘trees’ in the airport terminal

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The Lloyds Building
The Lloyds Buildingdesigned by architect Richard Rogers

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Lloyd's of London (architect Richard Rogers) with The Walkie Talkie building in background.
Lloyd’s of London(architect Richard Rogers) with The Walkie Talkie building in background

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What are Rogers’s style main features ?

Rogers is known for his distinctly modernist andhigh-tech architectural design.
In addition to his cushy resume, Richard Rogers is also no stranger the tabloid world of theRoyal Family. Prince Charles has continuously vetoed his designs and shut down building plans. Just comparing the design ofCentre PompidouwithBuckingham Palaceshould be a explanation for the root of this Lord vs. Prince feud. A clash of classical style with modern architectural designs that has seemingly turned into a personal vendetta against the British architect.

Pompidou Centre, Paris, by Piano and Rogers.
Pompidou Centre, Paris, 1971-77 Piano + Rogers

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Pompidou Centre, Paris. Colour-coded external services.
Piano + Rogers, Pompidou Centre, Paris, 1971-77. Colour-coded external services

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