Siège Pivotant (1927)

Designed byCharlotte Perriandfor her Parisian flat, the Siège Pivotant, also known as the LC7, is a small armchair first exhibited at the 1928Salon des Artistes Décorateurs

One of the LC Chairs

The Siège Pivotant is a small armchair designed byCharlotte Perriandin 1927 for her flat sited in place Saint-Sulpice, Paris. It was first exhibited at the 1928Salon des Artistes Décorateursin theSalle à Manger 28, and then subsequently at the 1929Salon d’Automne.然后,它是集成在LC Collection, which is the furniture line co-signed byLe Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret andCharlotte Perriand

The Siège Pivotant, Designed by Charlotte Perriand in 1927: A red-cushioned chair with skinny metal arms and legs.
The Siège Pivotant (1927) by Charlotte Perriand
The Siège Pivotant - LC7 armchair: A black-cushioned armchair with silver, skinny metal arms and legs.
The Siège Pivotant – LC7 armchair

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When Was the Siège Pivotant conceived?

Only two years after graduating,Perriandrenovated her apartment into a room made of aluminium, glass and chrome. Then, she recreated the design of the “Bar sous le toit,” at the 1927Salon d’Automne.Also, it shined with gleaming aluminium and nickel-plated surfaces, leather cushions and glass shelves. Moreover, at the time, the press highly praisedPerriandand called her design a great success.

Siège pivotant (1927), by Charlotte Perriand,. Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris: A skinny metal chair with brassy cushions.
Siège pivotant (1927) by Charlotte Perriand

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However, the designer was not finished. She wanted to work forLe Corbusier, pursue serial production and low-cost housing, but when she applied to work atLe Corbusier’s studio in 1927, he rejected her with the reply, “We don’t embroider cushions here.”

Yet a month later,Le Corbusiervisited her show at theSalon d’Automne, where she exhibited the Siège Pivotant and theBar sous le toit.After, he offeredPerrianda job in furniture design and added the chair to hiscollection

Charlotte Pierrand candid of her with something in her right hand, looking perplexed at the camera
Charlotte Perriand photo

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Siège Pivotant’s Characteristics

的再保险volving small armchair has a polished trivalent chrome plated enamel steel frame, that can also appear in semigloss grey, light blue, green, brown, mud, ivory and black. Further, its cushions are CFC-free polyurethane foam and polyester wadding and ermined with leather or fabric. Currently, it is available with 4 or 5 legs, and several different finishes, both for the structure and frame as well as the upholstery. Also, it is available in a waterproof and weather resistant outdoor version too.

The Siège Pivotant, details of the frame and cushions. Padding in  polyurethane foam and polyester batting. A black cushion on a black, metal frame.
The Siège Pivotant, details of the frame and cushions

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The Outdoor Version

The outdoor version of the Siège Pivotant is AISI 304 stainless steel. The internal structure and back of the seat are in pre-treated steel in an electroplating bath and finished in black. Details such as the silver welding and the use of black PVC foot ends, ensure maximum durability and reliability in all weather conditions. Additionally, the cushion insert in water draining polyurethane, makes water flow through to prevent stagnation and the accumulation of liquids, mold and unpleasant odors. Further, the back inserts are in CFC-free polyurethane foam with water-repellent coating and the fabric uses a high tenacity polyester yarn, PVC coated.

Top view of the outdoor version of the Siège Pivotant: metal chair with tan cushions.
Top view of the outdoor version of the Siège Pivotant

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Data Sheet

  • Designer: Charlotte Perriand;
  • Year of design: 1927;
  • Year of production: 1978;
  • Manufacturer: Cassina.
Siège Pivotant measurements: three versions of the chair exist in different angles to show dimensions.
Siège Pivotant measurements

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