Studiodada (1977)

Studiodada was an Italian design and architectural office founded in 1977 during Italy’s radical period. It realised interior design and architecture projects in Italy and abroad. It ceased to operate in 1988.

Founding members of the Italian design and architectural office Studiodada
Founding members of the Italian design and architectural office Studiodada.

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Studiodada Origins: Six Architects at the Milan Triennale

In 1977six Italian architectsgathered together and foundedStudiodada, the firm’s architects wereAda Alberti,Dario Ferrari,Patrizio Corno,Maurizio Maggi,Marco PivaandPaolo Francesco Piva. In 1980 the company took part in the competition held at theTriennale di Milanoentitled “L’interno dopo la forma dell’utile” (Interior space after the form of usefulness) which marked thebeginning of its activity in the design field.

Triennale di Milano, Studiodada's Birthplace
Triennale di Milano, the place that marked the beginning of the Studiodada’s design production.

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Triennale di Milano, interior
Triennale di Milano

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The Company’s Customer Portfolio

In the field of产品设计, Studiodada members have designed for a number of companies, both Italian and international, such asLuciano Marcato,Brunati,Interior Ceramicheand the Italian renowned lighting design firmStilnovo. Other clients of the studio areVilleroy&Boch,Felice RossiandEgoluce.

Sakè Wall Lamp
Sakè Wall Lamp, designed by Studiodada for Stilnovo. 1989

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Notable Exhibitions

Studiodada also promoted some exhibitions to better explain its point of view on design and architecture. Two of theirmost successful eventswere “Architetture mobili” (mobile architectures) held in Cesena in 1982 and the “Design della notte” (design of the night) presented in Cefalù, Sicily in July 1983.

Architetture Mobili exhibition
Architetture Mobili, one of Studiodada’s most successful exhibitions. 1982

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Introducing Computer Assistance in Architectural Planning

The1980ssaw the introduction of “计算机辅助绘图” and the beginning of arevolution in the approach to design and architecture. Realizing the potential of managing design projects with software aid, Studiodada saw the immediate opportunity to useCAD assistancein project development, both for design and architecture. AtFarbe Design在斯图加特1983, they presented, in collaboration withOlivetti, one of the first examples of acomputerised system for ceramic tileslinked with an automatic order-management system.

From that experience, they foundedTecnodadaa service office where professional could have had the possibility to find solutions for their jobs, as for materials and procedures to use them. Tecnodada production in the field of Industrial Design comprises somefurnitures, abookcaseand atablecalled “Carpi”, and asofacalled “On The Road”.

In1989, after the parting of some of the firm’s original members, the office of Studiodada was permanently closed.

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